Scheduling Your Family vacation In Advance Can Make You Wealthy

The headline is deceptive, it might not make a person wealthy wealthy, but can definately help save you some cash :)

Last time I spoke briefly on the topmost golden rule of traveling - Travel light. I additionally asked you to check out money belt paying attention to the primary golden rule. Hope you did that and reduced your list.

The 1st overseas vacation I ever went on with my family was while I was 14. The getaway was India and this is way back in the late 1980s. My father was a military colonel & mom had a small chain of book stores. While mom and dad began planning for the vacation almost Six months beforehand, we read about the places we'd check out everyday. The 2nd golden rule for holiday travel is you guessed it - Plan in Advance!

Dad planned every thing with mum with his military precision, lists were created, duties were allotted to me & my sister (who was older by 3 years) Six months prior to we were to travel. We made Three checklists

Common list - Where everything that everybody would need and use was listed (toothpaste, nail clipper etc)

Emergency List - Where prescribed medicines, emergency numbers etc were listed

Individual List - In which our own individual stuff that we would like to bring were listed (man! this list was huge!!!)

And then there were the duties checklist. My dad would book tickets, visa, permission for him to travel (he was serving then), Mum would handle the prescription drugs, visits to the doctor, outfits, I & my sister were instructed to read about places we wanted to visit. All Emily desired to do was see snake charmers & princes (hahah!!), me I desired to look at the Mt Everest and ride elephants. We had been so far removed from actuality (well considerably far!)

The point I am attempting to make here is, for anyone who is traveling internationally on a family trip, plan as soon as possible. Write every little thing down in 2-3 lists and after that start taking off items that are not required. I am sure you do not need to carry Five different kinds of moisturizing lotion. You need a sun screen lotion and a moisturizer.

We're given only two bags; I had a duffel plus a small backpack. Preparing this early on, resulted us in completing all our vacation requirements & bags buying at the time of sales. By doing this I assume we saved nearly 40% of the cost we'd have paid had we all waited until the eleventh hour. Now you realize why I sent you to money belts

This incredible website is focused on holiday needs and is my present favorite. Within a thirty day period I have saved close to $800 on bags as well as other holiday need items.

Getting back lets recap the two travel rules we've learnt up to now

Travel Light

Plan in Advance

And save money wherever you possibly can! Until the next one, dream of your forthcoming vacation!

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